Child Consultation System <Jiso Network>

Child Guidance has been rapidly increasing due to changes in child abuse and family environment. The Child and Family Support Center and a child guidance center's that in addition to Daily casework counseling work, they must also report statistics concerning abuse. Need more time, to use in casework. want Efficiency of the paperwork, and strengthen measures to prevent accidents. The JisoNetwork system was born to solve the problem that child guidance center officials are .

Integrated Chemical Material Control System <ChemWatcher>

Still many offices in research organization of the enterprises, laboratories and universities use a paper base control ledger book by manual operation to control chemical material inventory. In the year end, annual total consumption data are calculated by a PC spread sheet by typing data which has been handwritten on a ledger book. It is a huge time consuming work. ChemWatcher has realized a low cost and easy use of chemical material control system while the traditional system was so expensive that it was difficult to implement.